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posted 1 week ago

I just really need an AU where Isabel lives, okay?

posted 2 weeks ago

I think it’s safe to say that anytime I can’t think of anything to draw, I play character dress up.

posted 4 weeks ago

Long story short, we got into this Teen AU Skype RP that, taking Lucille’s current age into account, would be set in the late 80’s even though flower crowns and Lucy’s dress/makeup would be pretty anachronistic for that time period shhh

Lucille belong to me. Cain belongs to progenitorofmurder.

posted 1 month ago

This was originally going to be a more straightfoward “hanging out together” type thing, but then I found this cute pose reference that was really fitting, and I needed to try bird’s eye perspective anyway (which it turns out I kind of suck at), so.

Admittedly, this has the effect of making it look like some weird manga cover, but oh well.

Arizona—the one on the left wearing the garish color combo that I normally wouldn’t use but that she would wear to church—belongs to me.

Maggie—the one on the right in my attempt at designing a Sweet Lolita outfit—belong to porrimmaryam

posted 1 month ago

Guys I have a new favorite character

posted 1 month ago

Cherry is really fun to draw and I wanted to try out this tutorial and glitch art just happens to fit nicely into the band’s aesthetic.

posted 1 month ago

Been toying with the idea of gathering some of my old unused OC’s and creating a comic. Kind of trying to finalize or improve their character designs.

From what I can remember, this character was a weaboo-ish teen named Arizona. She gained super strength and flight due to circumstances I never actually elaborated upon and started fighting crime using the name Featherweight (which supervillains would inevitably change to “Poundcake” to mock her weight because they’re jerks like that).

Since she makes her costumes to be more cute instead of actually practical for fighting, she constantly has to make herself new ones. This also means she has to wear a new wig with each one (since there’s no way she would ever go out with her hair not matching her outfit), and this creates the effect of people believing “Featherweight” is actually a legacy title taken by several different people.

posted 2 months ago

My desire for cold weather has started leaking into my art.

That, or I wanted to draw a wintery companion piece to my summer Walter Girl.

posted 2 months ago

Really quick Lucy doodle + back view practice

answered 2 months ago

Hey, wanted to say thanks so much for your drawing of Albert!! It's probably the first true piece of fanart of the comic, not counting trades or things I've commissioned. Love the glorious purple background and your take on his armor design <3

You’re very welcome! I’m glad you liked it, especially since it was my first attempt at drawing armor.